About us

I am a chiropractor and love what I do. I am a Certified Chiropractic Sports Medicine Physician and apply this to my business model. My business is called Morgan Wellness Center ~ A Chiropractic Gym. This is the prototype so I am having fun creating and recreating the version of what I believe will be a franchise. My wellness paradigm is Chiropractic, Diet and Nutrition, and Exercise. I tell my patients to treat themselves like World Class Athletes that use our facility to achieve their optimal wellness. Our most frequent patients are those who are in poor physical health and pain. We take the patient and guide them in pain relief to the overall goal of wellness. We have a fully functioning gym in house called “Chix Beach Gym” (due to our close proximity to Chic’s Beach). It is a unique set up to assist the most novice person to the professional athlete. I invite each and everyone of you to try our gym out even if all you want is to get in better shape. We are very proud of our legacy of helping young athletes be all they can be. We have helped over 400 student athletes further their career. The line up of College banners that hang over head are from athletes we have helped attain their goal to get to that particular school. Please feel free to stop by sometime and see my facility.

After getting my doctorate I missed the zeal of athletic competition. The years of running a football had taken their tool on my body and in particular my knees. I searched for something that would fit my busy schedule and would edify my overall health and life. I choose bodybuilding in 1998 and started to lift again seriously. Late in 1998 I entered my first contest. I have now competed in 16 competitions from Los Angeles to Miami. Most notably I won the Mr. Virginia Middleweight in 2002 and took 3rd place in the Universe in 2007 and 2008. I enjoy the sport and the discipline it takes. It has provided me with a great resource of practical knowledge and experience related to my field. In June 2016 I competed in the Musclemania Universe Bodybuilding Championships in Miami, FL and won the Masters Division. To become the Masters Universe Champion is a goal that I have been striving for. I plan on competing in the sport of bodybuilding for many years to come.

My love of football never lets me get too far from the game. I am very fortunate that my schedule and my family permit me to extend my experience into the high school levels where I am the Co-Offensive Coordinator and Strength and Conditioning coach for Frank W. Cox High School in Virginia Beach.  I enjoy coaching my son, Jackson and the Frank W. Cox Football team. The reward of helping him and 40 other young men enjoy the camaraderie of the ultimate team game is beyond words.  I enjoy the age of these young men as I remember the trials and tribulations so vividly. It is truly a rewarding experience to make a difference.