Nutritional Counseling

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Nutritional Counseling

Morgan’s Wellness Center provides nutritional counseling and individualized eating plans. Diets are designed to match each individuals unique lifestyle, medical and metabolic needs and food preferences.

Dr. Morgan’s has developed strategies that are inexpensive and easily applied to daily living. His nutrition counseling and guidance (low fat, low cholesterol, low carbohydrate, etc) includes personalized menu plans, restaurant techniques, eating behavior strategies, exercise goals, stress management advice, healthy cooking tips, and information about the best buys in the grocery stores and this is just the beginning.

Diets are designed for athletes in training, weight loss, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, healthy eating, diabetes, prediabetes, hypertension, vegetarian, pregnancy, children and teens, women’s health (PC OS, menopause), men’s health, cancer, irritable bowel, celiac, hypoglycemia, and many other ailments.

Nutritional balance is a matter of moderation, not depravation, you can still have chocolate.

It never gets easier.


Come see us at the Morgan Wellness Center!